1. Flame Foot.
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    With a triangular shape, the second toe is longer and narrower than others. Another name is ‘Fine foot’ and it can also be called ‘Greek foot’. Individuals with foot described above are creative and energetic. They are so enthusiastic. The aura of energy that radiates from then motivates people who come in contact with them. But people who possess this kind of foot are always anxious hereby leading to occasional stress for them and for the people surrounding them.
  2. Square foot.
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    A blunt-eyed foot in which the toes (first toe inclusive) are almost similar in length which almost forms a rectangular shape. “Peasant foot” is a similar for this type of feet or “Gisselle” and it describes people who never give up in decision making; always analyzing the merits and demerits before coming to conclusion. People like that are always practical because they consider all options and do not follow the majority. Therefore when they set goals, they accomplish them.
  3. Common foot.
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    Also called ‘ROMAN FOOT’, it describes someone who is standard in terms of body structure and sound in health. They are very sociable; always open to knowledge and are best at innovation. People with this foot are born-travelers, always learning new cultures and promoting their own. The toes all have proper sizes, making the foot efficient. However, people who possess this foot have a tendency to be proud and eccentric.
  4. Stretched foot.
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    The toes are long and are bound together tightly with the first toe waning off at its tip. Because of its dainty structure, people with this type of foot are considered idealists, creating a world filled with their own fantasies. They have the tendency to be secretive and realistic. They usually have mood swings and are mostly controlled by their emotions.
  5. I have a flame foot, but--even as awful as I am about realizing things about myself--I can clearly see that I possess the anxious attributes described here for the stretched foot: the whole idealistic world filled with fantasies, as well as the mood swings, controlled by emotions, plus the tendency for secrecy and realism? ME.
    That realism combined with my idealistic worldview is what causes 83% of my stress. Oy vey.