1. Finishing up my grad school application.
  2. Working to foster relationships with people whom I know truly care about me.
    Commiserating over being ghosted, celebrating big life changes, utilizing social media as a platform for staying in touch rather than the gossip mill.
  3. Getting fitful nights' sleep due to stress/excitement.
    Beauty and the Beast, grad school, a medical scare that literally changed my biochemistry.
  4. AeroPilates
  5. Making sure my puppy knows how much I love her and need her to survive living with my parents as a 25 year old.
  6. Board games.
  7. Babysitting the angel child and her sister.
  8. Falling further and deeper in love with the person I'm going to spend the rest of my life with.
  9. Listing from my hospital bed to distract myself from the pain that has come with having my appendix removed last night.