Inspired by @blonde.
  1. A Disney Princess.
    Not a Disney Park Princess, a REAL Princess.
  2. A film actress.
    I auditioned for the movie Holes when I was like eight.😂Fat chance.
  3. A voice actor.
    I thought maybe since I wasn't pretty or talented enough to be on the screen, I could be heard emanating from it.
  4. A pharmacist.
    WTDH?! Completely not me at all. This was when middle school me was pressured into picking a realistic career.
  5. An elementary school teacher.
    Then I did some observations and realized teaching rugrats was not something I'd be good at.
  6. A book editor.
    I loved proofing/altering my friends' research papers in high school, and I love to read; I thought this could be a beautiful marriage! But how does one go about this?
  7. A high school English teacher.
    I loved my own hs English teachers, and thought this could be great. I thought I could employ those proofing/editing skills I had enjoyed in their classes as well. But then I thought about the personalities of those teachers: bubbly and quick-witted. These things I am not. Scratch that.
  8. Personal assistant to someone in The Biz. I'm awesome at completing tasks. My first PA job would progress and eventually lead to PA to Leonard DiCaprio.
    Literally this was my plan for about half of 2010. I was even more delusional than normal.
  9. A movie critic.
    I adore movies. I'm supposedly a decent writer. Doth these talents a movie critic make?
  10. An employee of whatever job meets these qualifications:
    1. Gives me benefits: Healthcare stuff is a MUST for my situation.. 2. Pays me enough to support myself. 3. I don't suck at it. 4. Gets me out of Kingsport to an affordable place with cooler summers. Bonus points for milder winters. 5. Doesn't make me dread going into work every day; I don't have to sing at the thought or anything, but I need to not want to off myself every day. 6. Has employees whom I could befriend and not continue to be the friendless loser I currently am. 7. Single-friendly.