Inspired by @ListPrompts.
  1. The way Leonardo DiCaprio moves his mouth when he speaks.
    This has turned me on since before I even know what that phrase meant.
  2. When a fingertip is traced over the palm of my hand.
  3. My hair grazing my bare back.
    Why does this feel so sexy?
  4. Being told I'm *beautiful* by an attractive man.
    I mean, I have to assume this would turn me on.
  5. Those shirts with billowy sleeves that men wore in olden times.
    And SHOULD wear again!
  6. Confidence.
    SEXY. Someone who is confident enough to tell me what to do--but who possesses that magical charm to make me WANT them to tell me what to do. A rarity in real life.
  7. Someone reading in an English accent.
    Not a jilted imitation, a proper alluring accent.
  8. Chocolate-covered strawberries.
    Especially when I dip a whole berry into a puddle of melted chocolate and eat it quickly so the chocolate will drip on the way to my mouth.
  9. Thunderstorms with giant flashes and driving rain.
  10. Fire or candlelight.
    When people glow that soft red so do I.
  11. Glasses that compliment someone's face on someone who knows how to wear them.
    Bonus point of they're intelligent, but not overly cocky about it.