How wrong I was. (Inspired by @dubstep's genuinely motivating to do lists.)
  1. Get a hair cut.
    Dead ends need to go in case you meet someone this weekend.
  2. Make an appointment to have the leftover glue from my "permanent" retainer scraped off.
    That glue's been there for over a year, get it off.
  3. Find a seamstress to hem up my bridesmaids dress for Autumn's wedding.
    May 28th will be here before you know it.
  4. Make a staples run.
    Conditioner, Saran Wrap, packing tape, ¡more bananas!
  5. ✔️Buy tickets to The Huntsman: Winter's War(!!!) at the fancy theater.
    Make sure to get Tori's because she's a goddess.
  6. Mail Jennifer's SpiderMan lunchbox.
    You're committed just do it already.
  7. Reread and highlight/annotate The Alchemist to send for Bethany's birthday.
    REALLY TRY. She needs to be glad she's having another birthday.
  8. Write to Meme and Pop.
    They love you a lot for some reason?
  9. Transfer college creative writing portfolio to digital.
  10. ✔️Use My Coke Rewards points to renew subscription to Entertainment Weekly.
    You *need* to get those live Beauty and the Beast updates!
  11. Submit Skyward request for days off to go to Olivia's graduation.
    It's genuinely ridiculous that you still haven't set up Skyward yet.
  12. Figure out where to meet Ashley to drive to graduation—>find and book hotel.
    Probably in Little Rock?
  13. Research area therapists.
  15. No more meds without eating first.
    Seriously. Stop that.
  16. Deep breaths.
  17. Don't stress.
  18. Eat less.
    May 28th will be here before you know it.
  19. Pray more.
  20. Chill.
    Reread your ¡very! ¡own! ¡copy! of Me Before You—it won't reread itself!!! 💜
  21. Be still.