Inspired by @BWN_7
  1. In ten years I will be newly 35.
    The last year of being in the age bracket I am in now. Hopefully I will have passed through my quarter-life crisis and made it out the other side with my mind mostly intact.
  2. Romantic Relationship.
    I would like to be married, but only if I can find the right person. I have seen the ups and downs of so many marriages, and I can see how impossibly difficult they can be. I don't want to enter into wedlock unless I manage to find someone whom I am *certain* I couldn't live without. (Also see below.) Otherwise I'd rather just ache inwardly and spend my time reading, watching, writing, listening, and living.
  3. Family.
    I am fairly dead-set on never having children of my own, as I don't feel that motherly urge to carry the weight of another soul. In ten years, I want to be married to a man who accepts this decision and doesn't love me less because of it. (Also see above.) Instead of children, we can have pets! ¡I don't feel this is a ludicrous thing to aspire to!
  4. Family, cont.
    I hope and pray that my grandparents are still around when I'm 35. I'm not close with my dad's parents at all but I still wish them health, you know? My mom's parents, however, I am extremely close to, and are my #1 example of a marriage I hope to have. They are incredible, and I hope they stay in my life a long as they can exist without unbearable suffering. My sister will, almost certainly, be married, and maybe will have a rugrat(s) of her own, which means I get to be Cool Aunt Katie!
  5. Friends.
    I would like to have a core group of people whom I trust and believe I can turn to in times of strife. I have that currently with a few people, but they are spread far and wide across the nation—literally coast to coast—I would like to have a few people nearby whom I could simply call up and ask them if I could come over and cry if I needed to.
  6. Career.
    At this moment? I'm wavering between wanting to be a secondary education English teacher/professor (the dream is like a Dead Poet's Society-type situation but probably professor because I don't live in a film) or a book editor. I love reading other people's work and then critiquing it, which I know sounds so icy but I just genuinely believe I have a knack for making writing better! (Wow I feel so arrogant even typing that. Apologies.)
  7. Home.
    Hopefully not still living with my parents! I kid. Kind of. I would like a small house if it didn't have a huge yard—pretty sure I'm not a yard work girl: I don't have a green thumb everyone else in my family.
  8. Geographically.
    Barring some kind of divine intervention, I plan to never move farther south than southernmost North Carolina. The heat has genuinely horrid effects on my mental and physiological health. Maybe New England—or actual England in a dream world!
  9. Health/Appearance
    According to the BMI scales, I am about 13 lbs. overweight (my lucky number, bizarre right?); I would like to have lost that 13 pounds by ten years from now, although if my mom's genes are any indication my metabolism is going to disappear over the years. Blech.
  10. Public Service
    I would like to have one outreach situation going that could be my niche; perhaps visiting children and/or the elderly in hospitals and reading to them, perhaps working with a food program like Meals on Wheels, perhaps supporting a child in Honduras through Por Los Niños or a smiling program. I would also like to be part of a church that does mission trips for members not in the youth group, so I could be part of those wonderful experiences again.
  11. Financial.
    I hope in 10 years I won't be panicking over student loans due to the grad school for which I'm about to begin searching.😱
  12. Vacation.
    My dream is to somehow be able to visit England semi-regularly (if I don't live there, of course). I've been in love with England since I was a small girl, and I would love to feel I had a miniscule part in it's history. I would also really like to go to Iceland—it's one of those places I never thought about until I saw that (horrible) movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and the scenery was absolutely devastating. Furthermore, I really long to go to Denmark in the fall! Gorgeous.😍
  13. Faith.
    I would like to be in a place where I feel confident in my walk with God. Right now I'm on somewhat shaky ground: I know I WANT to be close to Him, but much of the time I feel as if I'm not sure how to take that first step. In ten years I want to have the tools necessary to get back to being in love with Him, and trusting in His plan, as I did when I was first diagnosed with my disease.
  14. Hobbies.
    I'd like to be fluent in a language other than English; I tend to lean towards French (I won't lie, this started because of Beauty and the Beast), although I took Spanish in high school and college because everyone assured me it would be much more practical. Meh.
  15. Hobbies cont.
    I would also like to get to a place where I regularly express myself through through writing: even though I'm no great talent, it does make me feel internally cleansed when I can get something down in words. (The rub here is that I want my writing to be seen as accomplished, ergo I fall into the trap of self-loathing insecurity. Love me! Please?)
  16. Overall.
    I want to be happy within myself, and grateful for where I am in the novel of life.