It's the little sweet and sappy things that make truly incoherent lists.
  1. It was a thoroughly prosaic day.
  2. We ate dinner together.
  3. Read God's Love Story together.
  4. Worked out together.
  5. Came back upstairs for hydration together.
  6. Sweaty from the exercise, we looked out the French doors at the silver dollar snowflakes falling.
  7. I would've sent you home before the accumulation began, but I wasn't ready to say goodbye.
    Neither were you.
  8. I took your hand, led you upstairs.
  9. With a little imagination and a lot of scorching water, my mom's oversized bath became our clandestine hot tub.
  10. Donned in our swimsuits, we took turns splashing in;
  11. The waves nearly ran over the sides—
    Her tub was substantial but certainly too tight for two.
  12. We faced each other in the steaming bubbles until they grew tepid,
  13. Talking about things I honestly can't remember, mesmerized as I was by the way
  14. The candlelight made the droplets in your eyelashes glisten.
  15. When the lavender bubbles and soft-spoken words floated into a comfortable hush,
  16. You leaned down to kiss me. My lips smiled into yours.
  17. The tangled smorgasbord of the Other ceased to exist.
    The peoples, the problems, the pains.
  18. There was only you and I and this petrifying exhilarating thing we're doing together.