Things I may regret tomorrow.
  1. Check out The Girl On The Train from the library when I already have Letters to a Young Poet?
    Because it's Valentine's Dat weekend and books never reject me.
  2. Eat asparagus with my fingers instead of with a fork like a civilized human?
    To save washing a dish, obv.
  3. Drink a liter of English Breakfast tea at 10 PM?
    Because it's my life force, duh.
  4. Make an Okcupid profile?
    Because I'm obsessed with making dating profiles and letting guys tell me I'm f**king hot is my weakness. And I just found out Okcupid has a personality quiz thing, which is my addiction. Sidenote; my best match--only 74% because I'm impossible to love--was a legit Christian Grey wannabe. I have the screencaps of his profile, which I'm fairly certain came directly from the character bio in the book.
  5. List about your mistakes?
    Because at this point ListApp is basically my censored diary.