"To some people, love doesn't exist unless you acknowledge it in front of other people."
  1. Sharp intake of breath.
  2. Of wanting.
  3. Of cavernous parts that yearn to be filled with your promised acts of soft furiosity.
  4. Shackled within me is a skittish lover, wriggling to be free—
  5. But on this day she cannot be.
  6. For something Higher holds me to him,
  7. A One more given to envy even than I.
  8. It is He who keeps my body as His own,
  9. Until, at last, we can be one in all things.
  10. For you see, my love, one whom I trust with bits of myself formerly unknown to me:
  11. He has never left my side.
  12. Thus a little while longer is my fate: to wander the winding road of life,
  13. My fleshly shell quaking with the desire to be wholly yours
  14. In flesh as well as in heart.
  15. In earnest truth, my mind and body do despise themselves,
  16. Loathing the determination to which my soul clings during our tenderest moments.
  17. No word, neither written nor spoken, could endeavor to elocute the cravings of this clandestine flesh.
  18. Unfairly, forlorn thoughts of figures from my former lives infrequent the darkened fragments of my fractured mind.
  19. Unfairly, I fear your own heart will fall victim to the same frustrations with my faith as those figures did before you—they who formed such a formidable pattern of danger.
  20. Oh my love, forgive me my anxieties. I know the shadows of my past have not cast an eternal foreshadowing on my future life.
  21. For when I bask in the warmth of your glowing adoration, I feel your acceptance of my heart and of my fears.
  22. It is in those fragile instants that I feel naught but the utter peace your heart beats into mine
  23. And an unsilencing urgency for the words to be spoken, for you to call me your own, for two to become one for always.
  24. My heart swells, bubbling over with the passion our precious time preserves within my person.
  25. Silence shatters upon my senses like a raindrop on the pavement, and I resolve to cherish each second with you—be we two or wholly one—just as you ever cherish me.
  26. Static
    Sorry for the moldy cheese, everyone; autumn makes me unbelievably (not to mention unskillfully) pretentious.