1. Ancient harbor in Crete accompanied by Pitbull and Jason Derulo tunes at full blast during a carnivale party
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  2. Met a man with purple hair and violet eyes in Bath, England. His eyes glow in the dark.
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  3. This is a town's name in Wales. Fffff.
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  4. Welsh is missing a few vowels. The double L makes a "cl" sound, and W makes an "oo" ish sound
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  5. Caenarfon Castle in Wales. A gorgeous castle flying dragon-emblazoned Welsh flags all over. Fairytale.
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  6. A dune path on the island of Anglesey, in Wales. Druids lived on this island. Magical place.
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  7. Epic hike in Snowdonia, Wales with 45 mph gusts of wind nearly blowing us off the mountain.
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  8. This sign greets you as soon as you enter England from Wales
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