Highlights From Europe Trip So Far

  1. Ancient harbor in Crete accompanied by Pitbull and Jason Derulo tunes at full blast during a carnivale party
  2. Met a man with purple hair and violet eyes in Bath, England. His eyes glow in the dark.
  3. This is a town's name in Wales. Fffff.
  4. Welsh is missing a few vowels. The double L makes a "cl" sound, and W makes an "oo" ish sound
  5. Caenarfon Castle in Wales. A gorgeous castle flying dragon-emblazoned Welsh flags all over. Fairytale.
  6. A dune path on the island of Anglesey, in Wales. Druids lived on this island. Magical place.
  7. Epic hike in Snowdonia, Wales with 45 mph gusts of wind nearly blowing us off the mountain.
  8. This sign greets you as soon as you enter England from Wales