Do they exist? This is a great but insanely noisy city. Booked a Breather for a meeting today in order to have a quiet place, but that's not a sustainable option.
  1. Atrium behind the Sony building on 56th and Madison.
    Suggested by @kristeng1129
  2. NYPL
    Probably wouldn't work for a meeting, but my local branch has been a lifesaver this week for providing a quiet corner to get some work done.
    Suggested by @StuckOnThe7
  3. Check out #WFHCoffeeTour on Instagram
    A friend of mine has compiled a bunch of places that serve as good spaces for working and coworking. ☕️👌🏻
    Suggested by @katherinelee
  4. The HUB at Lululemon Flatiron
    Hands down the BEST workspace. 5th Ave and 17th St. Walk into the Lulu store, go down the stairs in the left, and enter HEAVEN. Huge tables, tons of outlets, giant couches, powerful wifi, free water, amazing coffee for sale, clean bathroom. I go ALL THE TIME and never buy anything and no one cares! They've given me chargers and free coffee, you can bring food, it's just GREAT. All kinds of great free community events here (workouts etc).
    Suggested by @oliviapetzy
  5. Metropolitan museum of art
    Give a donation ( mine is usually less than a dollar) and find yourself a corner on a bench in front of a priceless work of art. People are typically respectfully quiet
    Suggested by @jchristianson