These are a few of my favorite things
  1. Raindrops on roses
    No, really.
  2. Hot shower followed by comfy pajamas
  3. Unabashed silliness with friends
  4. Dancing down the street
    Random aside: saw two guys literally perform a synchronized dance as they walked across the street the other day. Simple, goofy, fun. They made everyone smile. Moments like that create connection where disconnection (especially on a city street) is the norm.
  5. Sharing a smile or an authentic moment with a stranger
  6. Yoga & meditation
  7. Flowers that smell ambrosial
  8. Using words like ambrosial
  9. Playing guitar
    Just strumming or learning a new song puts me in this zen, super relaxed state
  10. Getting cozy in front of a fireplace when it's snowing out
  11. Spending time outside, soaking up sunshine, climbing trees, etc