Or why I'm rarely well-rested.
  1. "It's 6am. My alarm hasn't even gone off. It's still darkish outside. Why am I awake?!"
  2. "Should I get up now? It'd be admirable to get up at 6am, do yoga, get a head-start."
  3. "No, I'm just going to sleep until my alarm goes off. I knew what I was doing when I set that alarm."
  4. "Hnnnn ... that was my alarm. But, I woke up earlier than I should've, so I'm still tired. Just snooze for another five minutes."
  5. "Another five minutes won't hurt."
  6. ... "Another five!"
  7. "There goes the second alarm I set. Snooze for just five more."
  8. "How is it already [way later than intended wake-up time]?"
    Rush to get ready.