Surprises a few days into my trip
  1. 😊 You get dessert + SHOTS free at restaurants. Shots! Say what.
    Greece is cool.
  2. 😶 One of the most popular street food vendors in Athens serves hot dogs.
    ... Hot dogs. Really?!
  3. 😐 A common dish consists of lamb organs wrapped in intestine.
    It's called Kokoretsi. American friend who tried it made a face. Greek friends adore it.
  4. 😃 Athens has orange trees lining all the side streets.
    But the oranges are bitter, so no one eats them. Why would they plant bitter oranges?
  5. 😯 Visiting certain islands in Winter is not advisable because "it'll just be you, old men and goats" and "you may get stranded there for months."
    Doesn't sound like the worst thing in the world.
  6. 😤 It gets freezing cold here, literally.
    Sleeping with three sweaters and sweatpants b/c Greek apartments are not optimized for freezing temps
  7. 😝 There's an upcoming village festival where people dress like donkeys, eat candy and get drunk. Oh, Greece.
    "Why donkeys in particular?" "...Well, there's only donkeys and sheep around the village, so..."