Some random ideas. Suggestions?
  1. Some substance that legitimately gets rid of broken capillaries
    No laser / scarring risk
  2. Something that makes you sleep immediately AND wake up alert at the time you choose
    Melatonin seems closest but still leaves you groggy if dosage is off
  3. Something you can apply to teeth that cleans all gunk & leaves your mouth sparkling & fresh-smelling overnight (replacing toothbrush + floss)
    Does this exist?
  4. Super portable/small/light but still awesome yoga mat
    I say as I lug my giant, heavy mat on international flights
  5. The zit zapper that removes zits in less than a minute
    No cover up necessary / no red marks remaining
  6. A garbage can that generates electricity / something useful from your waste without a toxic output
    Never take out the garbage again
  7. Tech for uploading knowledge / know-how directly into brain
  8. Instantaneous translation from one language to another while speaking & listening
    Like the Babel Fish in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  9. Something that heals heartbreak immediately
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind but good.
  10. A bed I can drive to work.
    Suggested by @evan