Albums that changed my life

Albums that changed my life. Albums that I would, in the streaming age of Spotify, still keep on vinyl or cd. Album titans in the pantheon of memory.
  1. Weezer self titled debut. THE album that got me into rock, because I started listening to rock stations in order to hear the Sweater Song. When we acquired the whole album, on cassette of course, it became, (and remains), lazy teen 90's summer, personified. Consistent sound top to bottom means you're enjoying the whole thing w/o skipping tracks.
  2. Best of the Animals. Did similar things for me as Weezer. This was buried in my dad's vinyl until I was old enough to grasp it. Similarly reflects the sound of a decade (the 60's), but with a grittiness and root in blues that is way past the average garage rock. Liner notes about inspiration by American black bluesmen sent me to seek them out.
  3. Led Zeppelin (1). It took me a while to notice LZ's intricacies on classic rock radio, but when I picked up their first album, I fell hard for the jolting, refined production. John Paul Jones on bass inspired me to, uh, play bass. I also realized how much I loved my future wife while listening to this album. Enough said.
  4. Miles Davis. I later picked up Kind of Blue, which might be the most important jazz album ever, but before that, I found a Masters cd featuring Miles doing Summertime from Porgy and Bess. I have loved straight ahead acoustic jazz ever since. The cd also had a rendition of Round Midnight with Coltrane on sax: another important step-(see next entry).
  5. John Coltrane-My Favorite Things. Coltrane's manipulation of the melody to bend to his dominant yet benevolent will made me an instant fan. Beautiful, cascading quartet sound that is a must-listen every Christmas.
  6. The Black Keys-Thickfreakness. One of many gifts from Pandora, and this one opened me to a deeper world and deeper love for blues-rock. Covers of Junior Kimbrough are a bonus.
  7. Orange Goblin-The Big Black. Guys like me search for any proof that proper hard rock still exists, even if it is no longer on the radio. OG gave us solid hope for that with this album in the early 2000's. Hard to imagine not being able to go back to it once in a while.
  8. Milli Vanilli-Girl You Know it's True. Ironic that one of the first pieces of pop music allowed into my childhood home turned out to be a total fraud. I don't believe I have to elaborate on the impact. Two words: crop top.
  9. David Guetta-Nothing but the Beat. Got me through the bar exam studying....yeah, the one I PASSED. Isn't that life changing enough?