I rarely watch films but.....
  1. The Dark Knight
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    Batman is a boss. I just loved that when I first watched it I actually felt a bit scared as to what the Jokers next move was. Fantastic film.
  2. Great escape
    Steve McQueen just had that rebelish personality that just made the film. It was cool to see how they disguised the digging of the tunnels by singing etc. Really Cool!
  3. Escape from Alcatraz
    Cool to see how they went about their plans while also being in a prison, it was just a great film!
  4. Great train robbery documentary
    Not a film but it was awesome to see the plans and the robbing in part 1, whereas in part 2 you could see how the police caught each robber 1 by 1. Awesome documentary!
  5. James Bond - Skyfall
    Action packed
  6. The Internship