What I do in my free time
  1. Sleeping
    One of my main priorities
  2. Homework
    Finishing school work or studying for exams
  3. Taking photos
    What I generally love to do Instagram: r_hynes_ 500px: https://500px.com/rmjhynes
  4. Edit photos
    With Adobe Lightroom
  5. Browse social media
    Instagram ListApp Twitter 500px etc.
  6. Watch YouTube videos
    This is what I do instead of watching TV Please refer to my favourite YouTubers list.
  7. Play the PS4🎮
    Pretty fun
  8. Listen to music 🎧
    Always puts me in a good mood
  9. Watch live streams on Twitch
    Games n stuff
  10. I LOVE playing cards
  11. Riding my Bike or Skateboard
  12. Playing sports
  13. Graffiti
  14. Exploring and traveling the world
  15. Reading
    I try to as much as possible but I got other things on my mind so....