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that other people would be like NBD
  1. whether or not I have locked my car
  2. whether or not I turned off the lights in my car
    were they ever on
  3. did I lock the door to the apt
    you have to have a passcode to get in the building and I mean who's gonna know the passcode and just break into apartments
3 more...
  1. Pet Plan
    Gunther doesn't need insurance.....yet
  2. The Sill
    They don't ship plants to me but maybe one day....
  3. Sole Society
    Maybe one day I'll want their shoes
8 more...
  1. Get tickets for Leslie Odom @ Zoellner
  2. Set up meeting with Steph re: mom's quilt
  3. Figure out bus situation
    Pass off to Riley
It's a problem
  1. These Zebra Mildliners. Why are they so perfect?
  2. The planner I keep coming back to. So work the 💵💵💵.
  3. Don't bleed or shadow in most notebooks or notepads
  4. May Designs notebook 1. I always wait for a sale then BAM. Buy alllll the books.
  1. Mayo is the worst and should never be used
    esp on grilled cheese
  2. Sports is boring, even live.
    The people you're watching it with make it fun.
Because I always forget
  1. Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating
  2. The Circle
    Have on audiobook so I guess it's more listening to.
  3. No Ones Coming to Save Us
    Gotta support Lehigh professors!
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