1. Pet Plan
    Gunther doesn't need insurance.....yet
  2. The Sill
    They don't ship plants to me but maybe one day....
  3. Sole Society
    Maybe one day I'll want their shoes
  4. Sweet Water Decor
    FOMO on a coupon for something I might use as a gift one day
  5. Anything sports related
    Because I'm only on the list for the coupons that come around the holiyays
  6. Zulily
    I don't have a good reason for this one.
  7. Michaels
    Because maybe it'll be easier to get that 40% off coupon in my email than looking for it online
  8. Pop Sugar Living
  9. Etsy
    Used for a decorating project like 2 months ago but sometimes the subject line is on point.
  10. Healthy Paws
    What even is this
  11. Barnes and Noble
    Because the coupons?