(apparently 29 is not grown up and I'm ok with that)
  1. Interior designer!
    I would literally get to spend other people's money buying pretty things for their home. THIS IS MY DREAM JOB FOLKS. I LOVE BUYING HOME THINGS!
  2. Astronaut
    Because space.
  3. Travel blogger minus the blogging
    I want to see and eat everything the world has to offer but not be poor.
  4. Pediatric Surge Planner
    One thing I'm actually doing. I just want to save all the babies during a mass surge disaster. (I want to save all the babies from everything but I had to focus on one area)
  5. Alicia Keys' makeup artist
    Easy $$$
  6. Dog Sitter
    Also something I already do but I don't want money because I just want to shnuggle with your puppies
  7. Snack provider at a Bob's Burgers script reading
    I feel like listening to that shit would be HILARIOUS. At least I assume so since the actual show is hilarious. Sound reasoning, guys.