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It's difficult to find a comedy that's still funny the second time around. These gems get me rolling every single time
  1. Airplane!
    I'm very serious.
  2. The Jerk
    Perhaps the greatest line to ever open a film
  3. Everything Mel Brooks
    👑 🙌🏻
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Movie shenanigans are of a special kind. It's expensive, but I always get my money's worth.
  1. Me Before You
    "Let's see the next movie playing," we said. I didn't think it was so much "Me Before You" as it was "Me and You Simultaneously."
  2. Taken 3
    I saw this in France in French. Not sure if I didn't get the plot because of the language or because there was no plot to begin with. My gf, though, was well versed in the French tongue.
  3. Minions
    It's a cute movie, but my date was much cuter.
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It's my fourth day of commuting and this is what I bring to beat the commute.
  1. My briefcase
    Full of everything I'll need for the day, but now it's serving as a seat protector. I'd like to keep this double to myself.
  2. My headphones
    It's quiet except for the white noise of the double decker I'm on. I'm not trying to escape anything. But I can't say the same for everyone else listening to music. Maybe we're all trying to escape each other.
  3. My monthly ticket
    It puts a "flash pass" at Disney World to shame. Bright orange with a glossy sheen, whenever a conductor sees it they bow their head in respect and move on to the next chump. OBEY THE POWER OF THE MONTHLY TICKET
  4. Not coffee
    I tried that yesterday. It became a hassle when I wanted to get out my ticket or write a li.st. I'm not trying to spill before I even get to work. You'd think by now someone would have thought of cupholders...
This summer I'm a copywriting intern at an advertising agency in NYC.
  1. A grand entrance
    The elevator opens to a soft green light that bounces off the green walls and greets the eyes with wonder
  2. The patio
    There's a public patio outside the building where it's great to eat lunch. You've got to take an elevator to get there. If you're afraid of heights, even though you may have remembered to bring your lunch, you may lose it.
  3. My supervisor
    Remember when you were a kid and you poured the entire bottle of bubble soap into the tub? My supervisor is that kind of bubbly. She's got all kinds of enthusiasm. I'm real glad I'm her first...intern that is.
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