Movie shenanigans are of a special kind. It's expensive, but I always get my money's worth.
  1. Me Before You
    "Let's see the next movie playing," we said. I didn't think it was so much "Me Before You" as it was "Me and You Simultaneously."
  2. Taken 3
    I saw this in France in French. Not sure if I didn't get the plot because of the language or because there was no plot to begin with. My gf, though, was well versed in the French tongue.
  3. Minions
    It's a cute movie, but my date was much cuter.
  4. Bandslam
    My first movie date. An average movie that got a bad rap, but I've got fond memories. I leaned in irl every time Aly Michalka did on screen.
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
    The most awkward double date of my early teens. Our friends were busy next to us. I didn't mean to watch the whole movie, but Johnny Depp gave a captivating performance. She dumped me right as the end credits rolled.