I will be in New York City for two days by myself. This is what I plan to do about it
  1. I'm going to New York to officiate a wedding. I do out-of-town weddings quite a bit and it's always nice to have Anthony Bourdain style solo fun
    Rabbi Patrick's big adventures in grand rapids Michigan for example
  2. So this is what I plan to do
  3. Eat.
  4. Eat.
    Deli food!!!!
  5. Eat.
    Hot dogs!!!
  6. And that's it
  7. Or maybe I'll go see some art or something. But I live in Richmond Virginia which pretty much has everything I could want anyway, so I'm not that motivated
  8. Any suggestions for things I could actually do?
  9. Suggested by @zacHL
  10. Are you into beer? Homebrewing Grand Champion @MandyKN made a great list NYC: if you're here for beer 🍻
    Suggested by @kcupcaker
  11. Suggested by @Ahartnyc
  12. If you're here for food gotta try Russ & Daughters Bagels, pig and Khao (if you like super flavorful Asian fusion), momofuku noodle bar for the buns and the ramen, Smorgasburg if you're into food-festival vibes, joe's Shanghai for soup dumplings, and go get a drink and a cheese plate at the boat house in Central Park!
    Suggested by @MandyKN
  13. Walk to the high line and DUMBO 😇
    Suggested by @ahardimann