Requested by @shiraRD
  1. Glitch
    People don't realize that's a Yiddish word. #Subversive
  2. Kibbitz
    To gather around, usually to waste time in a group. Similar to schmooze
  3. Kvetch
    To bitch and moan
  4. Schmaltz
    Rendered chicken fat. It tastes OMG delicious. Can also mean sappy, over-the-top, ridiculous in a homespun way.
  5. Tsuris
    From the Hebrew tzaraat which is translated as leprosy, but isn't actually right. It was a bizarre rash that people got and they could also get onto the walls of your home. In Yiddish The word means trouble or worries. These are major problems, but often people use this word to mean minor annoyances that have reached the point of being epic nuisances
  6. Tuchus
    Your butt. From the Hebrew word meaning bottom as in the bottom of something. Tachat