From the Jewish tradition.
  1. ‏ברוך אתה יהוה אלוהינו מלך העולם השקט שאנו במצפה ת וציווה אני להדליק נר שלשבת
    This is the Friday night candle blessing which marks the beginning of the Jewish weekly holiday of Sabbath or Shabbat. It distinguishes the mundane from the sacred. It may have also been in history a act of religious slamming against a group called the Karaites
  2. ‏ברוך אתה יהוה אלוהינו העולם שהכל נהיה בדברו
    This is a food blessing, but I don't use it for food. They're different blessings for different kinds of foods and this is the one that is the catchall one other blessings don't apply. It's a blessing they can God for bringing forth all things. My feeling is that this blessing which is considerably less important is actually the most important, and that says something about Judaism that the simplest and least important act provides an opportunity for the most profound blessing
  3. ‏אהבה רבה
    I didn't do the entire prayer, but this prayer means great love
  4. ‏עושה שלום במלוא הוא יעשה שלום עלינו ועל כל ישראל ואמרו אמן
    This comes at the end of our standing prayer. It says be the one who makes peace in heaven make peace on earth for all of us and for all of Israel. It's important to know that by Israel we don't mean a country but we mean peoplehood
  5. ‏שמע ישראל אדוני אלוהינו אדוני אחד.
    This is the central prayer in Judaism. It says "listen Israel, the Lord our God, God is one. Sometimes in life it's the simplest things we say that can mean the most.