How to have hope in uncertain times

Y'all it's rough right now. But there's hope.
  1. It took a whole hell of a lot of things to make the universe the way it is. And things could have gone REALLY bad lots of times
    Just read some Neil deGrasse Tyson or Carl Sagan and you'll get it
  2. Of the trillions of things that could have happened, it was YOU that happened
    That's heavy
  3. You are the universe's way of knowing itself
    You should NEVER feel small and insignificant when you consider that shit!
  4. We owe it to the universe to live joyously
  5. We still haven't explored 97% percent of the ocean. Let's do that and make friends with whales and stuff
  6. You have that play/script/book in your head. Go write it! Make art like you're making love at dawn, my sisters and brothers!!
  7. Find someone who needs a little compassion and give kindness like it's going out of style.
    You've got a whole 5 minutes to do something nice for a stranger IMHO
  8. Troll @lesbian @bjnovak @lenadunham @mallofamanda and be greatful that a bunch of random protons came together at the exact time needed so that it could be possible
    And don't forget that you were alive to see a biracial president, legalized love, and Netflix
  9. Have some hope people! Don't despair over the state of the world
    Because with all the really awful things in the world today, there's you!! And you're pretty incredible
  10. Peace, y'all