It's Shabbat

The Jewish day of rest — that happens every week. Here's what's up.
  1. Shabbat (meaning rest) happens from Friday pm to Saturday pm
    The Jewish concept of day starts at night. Cuz when you're chosen you get to make your own rules
  2. Orthodox and practicing Conservative Jews don't make lists on Shabbat.
    But I'm a progressive rabbi so it's chill
  3. Shabbat dinner is the first step
    Nom nom nom
  4. The more guests the better
    But honestly more than 15 gets really tough to manage without going potluck
  5. Side note: does anyone NOT appreciate a good potluck?
    Yes, they are vegans. And they brought that on themselves
  6. It's not like you HAVE to drink
    But it's a nice option
  7. The rest of Saturday involved synagogue, bar and bat mitzvahs, kiddish lunch, religious study, and chilling out
    Jews literally invented working for the weekend
  8. You mark the end of Shabbat with Havdalah, a ceremony that involves wine and candles
    I should have said earlier that you mark the beginning of Shabbat with wine and candles. So that's a thing
  9. After Shabbat ends you can return to your regularly scheduled programming
  10. The best Shabbat compliment I ever got was when @bjnovak liked my last Shabbat based list
    The ladies at dinner fan gurrled out over that one
  11. Shabbat Shalom!!!
    This is the best GeoCities inspired gif ever. Well played