Ladies Just Ask Guys Out, Ok?

So many List App ladies who are self-conscious about asking out their male love lust interest
  1. In the words of Bridget Jones, I am a 33-year-old smug married
    And since it is almost Valentine's Day that gives me the right to give unsolicited advice
  2. I have seen more than a few lists by ladies who like guys and are trying to figure out if it is OK for them to ask these guys out, and how they should go about it.
  3. So here's the thing, you should ask the guy out. No fancy tricks. No ninja moves
  4. You don't have to play it cool.
  5. Find out what the guy likes and offer up the opportunity to do that activity with him.
    I'm talking about bocce ball, art museums, your favorite local sports team or something like that. I realize that suggesting you do what a guy likes can go in the sketchy direction really fast so I just wanted to clarify. Also make sure this is something that you're interested in as well
  6. And If he says no, or gives you some weird answer like he is uncomfortable with you making a move, then it's his loss.
    Don't obsess. I repeat don't obsess. Oh, and don't obsess.
  7. That's all.