My Jewish Tattoos

I'm a rabbi with tattoos. Here you go.
  1. From Oseh Shalom
    May the one who makes peace in heaven make peace on earth. Sorry it's upside down
  2. Cuz
    I got this about 15 minutes before I play to push out at a club called drunken unicorn
  3. Sing a new song is the English translation of Shiru L'Adonai
  4. God open up my lips so my mouth may declare your glory
  5. From the Noah story
    The Raven is the one who in a time of emergency thinks only of himself. The Dove thinks of others
  6. Wild and waste
    In the creation of the earth it is said that at one point it is unformed and void. ‏‏‏‏Another translation is wild and waste
  7. One thing I ask
    Can also be translated the one thing I seek. It is a prayer we say during the Jewish new year. I got tons of shit for this in Israel. Because it's also the name of a reality TV show
  8. The burning bush
    From the Moses story
  9. Hamsa
    Middle Eastern symbol of good fortune
  10. The good impulse
    The Talmud says that human beings are equally distanced between good and evil. These are impulses called ha tov and ra. Originally I was going to have one pinup girl for evil and one pinup girl for good. But I decided that was sexist and combined the two together
  11. This isn't even all of my tattoos
    But somethings are good to leave as secrets
  12. If you have any tattoos inspired by your spiritual path, please post them!