Inspired by @migmags
  1. I am Jewish
    I converted to Judaism in my early 20s. I grew up in a non-religious family so this wasn't an issue. Btw that's me in the yarmulke officiating a conversion.
  2. I believe in God
    I believe that God is a metaphor in the sense of Joseph Campbell,but the godliness is a very real and present thing. I choose to call this experience God, because I know of no other word that best describes it. Ultimately God is an experience I live
  3. I believe in truth and in faith
    I believe in all of the things that science teaches me and all the progress that it brings. I also have faith, which is more like trust then anything else. I have a strong trust in the God who brings forth all things
  4. I believe that God is an artist
    The world is so beautiful, dynamic, complex, at times irrational, destructive, chaotic, joyful, sensible, pleasing, forbidden yet open. Only an artist would create such a world.
  5. I believe in the resurrection of our world into a completed and better world
    If it is true that there will be a heat death to the universe, then it is possible that all of this energy will reestablish itself somewhere else and in some other time. The Bible talks about the gathering of dust, maybe it's The gathering of protons.
  6. I believe in the Pittsburgh platform
    The original statement of reform Judaism, as presented in 1885.
  7. I believe that text is divinely inspired
    I don't believe that the Bible is the Word of God (Judaism doesn't teach that anyway) but I do believe that human beings who were inspired by the deepest parts of their humanity (where God dwells) wrote the Bible. Having said that, Judaism is not about The Book but about books plural as well as the Interpretation of those books
  8. Tell me about the religion you don't believe in. I don't believe it either
    I'm not a fundamentalist nor do I bow down to the belief that there is an original true Judaism and that what I practice is somehow watered down
  9. I believe that sushi might bring us all closer to the Divine
    Seriously, I love the hell out of salmon nigiri. Like woah you guys
  10. Are you religious and progressive about it? Feel free to add comments