Because I've been at this hustle for seven years
  1. There is a secret language and most of it revolves around asking people for money
    Here is the glossary: development, marketing, young adult engagement, young Jewish professionals,
  2. Many are just as unaffiliated as the unaffiliated people they're trying to help
    I have a few friends who work for big box Jewish organizations who talk about unaffiliated use as the at risk audience that you're trying to serve. Funny enough, the organizations are filled with secular Jews who don't belong anywhere
  3. Many are absolutely terrified of Judaism as a religion
    There is a tendency to divorce Judaism from Jewishness. The exception is having events where kosher dietary laws are observed. Often they don't use the word kosher. Even that can cause bar mitzvah PTSD
  4. There is an emphasis on the youth, an emphasis on the elderly, and that's pretty much it
    It's hard when you don't fit into the typical Jewish life cycle. Funny thing: the traditional Jewish life cycle is radically changing right now
  5. There is often a lack of respect for people who hold jobs in big box Jewish organizations who do you a lot of good. At one point of my life I was one of those antagonizers. I regret that
  6. Having said that, the Jewish professional world sometimes feels like a weird clique in high school
  7. I have known several people who left the organized Jewish world, and found more respect in the business world. Funny isn't it?