@nantea you got it!
  1. I worked in promotions on and off for a few years
    I was a lousy employee
  2. I had the guitarist for a well known pop band that 12 year old girls like ask me for cocaine
    Specifically he said "do you know where we can get some narcotics?"
  3. There were rats in the walls
    Our office smelled like scented baking soda. They used that when they died in the walls. Also I found one in the deep fryer basket
  4. It's haunted
    Heaven behind the stage is where the ghost lurks
  5. Death metal
    Sooooo much death metal and former prisoners calling for ticket info. I had a guy cry on the phone because we sold out of Zack Wylde tickets
  6. Juggalos
    Are a menace
  7. Christian moms calling to make sure that the Christian Contemporary shows were safe
    They were
  8. A kid lost his pants because he was so wasted
    It was at an Underoath show. Christian Hardcore!!!
  9. I met John Doe from X
    He loved Capt. Morgan and Crunk Juice
  10. I met Nick 13 from Tiger Army
    He has really soft hands