Everything you need to know about Hanukkah since it starts tonight
  1. The history of Hanukkah is somewhat disturbed. Imagine religious zealots trying to overthrow your state government and killing or converting everyone in their way.
  2. Hanukkah is actually not that big of a holiday, but America changed that
    Because Christmas!
  3. Originally Reform Jews didn't celebrate Hanukkah because it was a minor holiday and it only represented a military victory
    But that changed with Zionism. A new Israeli national narrative made Hanukkah more appealing
  4. A side note about the difference between a reform and conservative Judaism...
    Overtime reform Judaism has become more observant than it was in its formation hundred years ago. Prayer used to be almost entirely English and many practices have been omitted because they were seen as "promoting orientalism". As Eastern European Jews came to America, the reform movement tried to appeal to them and made modifications that were more traditional
  5. I digress.
  6. Hanukkah is not Jewish Christmas, but in America it somewhat might as well jokingly be called that
    It's proximity to Christmas often means that it is being celebrated in a similar spirit. That's OK by me.
  7. And besides, with 70% of non-orthodox Jews becoming interfaith or intercultural married, it means that Hanukkah is being celebrated by many non-Jewish people
    Oh, The OC!!!
  8. Happy holidays to everyone on the list app.
    Sorry that I have been taking big breaks from the app. It's because @bjnovak liked one of my list and I figured I peaked and never would come back from that high. Just kidding!
  9. And as a bonus here are my socks
  10. ‏חג שמח!
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