Inspired by @lenadunham
  1. I converted, but everybody knows that.
  2. I'm glad that I converted, because if I had been born Jewish, I don't suspect I would like it as much
  3. I have a few friends that changed their first names, because they want to Jewish enough. I created a fake last name, but kept the incredibly Catholic first name
  4. I was not raised Catholic. My name is Patrick, and it has nothing to do with religion. When everyone asks why a nice Catholic boy converted to Judaism and became a rabbi, I shrug, Because the question doesn't actually apply to me :-)
  5. I struggled the most with not feeling connected to the Jewish community culturally
  6. I think the stereotype of the neurotic Jew is actually a negative one that hurts people. #MicroAggression
  7. Bagels and lox are the shit
  8. I have very strong beliefs about God. Ask me about them sometime
  9. If I converted to Christianity because I had a deeply held belief in God, Christians would uphold it. I converted to Judaism because I had a deeply held belief in God, and Jewish folks asked me if I was insane. Perhaps this is why we have so few people?
  10. More people would convert to Judaism if we made it a higher priority to be welcoming to converts
  11. I would like to win the world record for the most Jewish themed tattoos. The Guinness Book of World Records rejected my application. Seriously. They did.