And we need to stop acting like its free because that mindset hurts us all
  1. Upgrades on anything anywhere ever
    If you get a free upgrade for buying something, then it's not an upgrade its a feature you bought. This also goes for apartment building amenities
  2. Education
    They're called taxes
  3. Church/synagogue/mosque events
    Just because there weren't tickets doesn't mean that event was free. A donor or donors covered the cost plus the effort of lots of volunteers
  4. Yoga
    Namaste. The teacher is volunteering so you can afford more organic kale smoothies?
  5. Freedom
    Just to be a smart-ass. Our life in this blessed country came at the cost of so many lives since America began, it's hard to count the cost. Not to mention the many of us who still do bad things to bad people so the many can rest peacefully in their beds because of the few.
    Suggested by @GavMaLav