I need help with this srsly like woah
  1. My path to becoming a rabbi was weird
    That's a whole other long post, but the point is that i studied with a Conservative rabbi then my rabbinical program which was founded by a dead ex-orthodox rabbi who said his students should call themselves Modern Rabbis...but honestly that title is lame
  2. What rabbis consider themselves is complicated
    Rabbis who call themselves conservative, reform, reconstructionist, renewal, Orthodox went those denominational seminaries. Those of us who are post denominational don't have that. Also some post denominational rabbis serve formerly affiliated now independent synagogues. So that adds to the confusion
  3. Here's what I'm NOT
    All the stuff I mentioned earlier
  4. Here's what I tried and failed to use
    Independent. Post denominational. Modern. Unaffiliated. Non denominational. Universalist. "A Jewish one"
  5. People ask what kind of rabbi I am and I never know what to say
    Maybe labels are BS?
  6. We make list, yes?
    What do you think?
  7. Thanks! Here's a silly pic cuz why not
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