America Online is just a thing of the past
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    The other day, I asked my friend if he read my most recent tweet. His response was "No one tweets anymore bro..."It's sad to see The Social Media powerhouse Twitter decline more and more each day. Outside of news outlets, celebrities, and parody accounts Twitter users don't seem tweet as much as they used to. Because we share so much of our personal lives on Facebook/Instagram, the last thing we want to see are what our friends are thinking about...
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    What happened to America Online? They certainly have been on the decline. There once was a time where everyone's e-mail address ended with "". GMail has definitely beat them in that department. Now their most prized acquisition The Huffington Post, is falling behind to majors like and Reddit. (No one is typing in anymore to get their news anymore) They fail to see the big picture behind the concept of social sharing.
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    SoundCloud used to be one of primary ways to find and download new music. But with Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and Pandora do we really have anymore room for another music steaming service?
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    Remember Digg? There used to be a time where making the front page of was a big deal. Now the site seems to be just a thing of the past.
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    I think we seriously take our Smartphones for granted. If we didn't have IPhones/Androids in the palm of our hands, we'd still be printing out directions every time we traveled. But now every phone, details every foot of every trip we take.
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    Founder Eric Bauman sold the website to ZVUE corporation for 15 million dollars back in August of 2008. It was reported that he was fired a year later in 2009.
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    Founded in 1995, and popular for publishing "The Numa Numa" Guy back in 2004, failed to compete with FaceBook, YouTube, and Tumblr.
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    Back in 2008, was one of the top 300 most visited websites in the world. Now in 2015, they don't seem to attract the web traffic they used to a decade ago.
  9. 011a4366 6751 4930 a544 7d4cb46839aa used to be the go-to website in every elementary school computer lab. Now it's nothing but a childhood memory, as FaceBook was able to add a flash game add-on for it's users.
  10. 5324ac2d dcde 4ce0 9e77 39dae419bcb3 was a web service that randomly matched users with other users to start "friendly conversations". It was launched in 2009, competing with rival site ChatRoulette. It was funny at first to fool around these websites, but once or twice was more than enough. If you still actively use either of these might want to be checked out by a doctor...because you need help..