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  1. Melt by Selene Castrovilla
    I was wandering around and stopping at random booths. At this one, they gave me a prompt to read and I had to answer. It was "A secret admirer has sent you flowers. Who is it?" I said "A former student." Then they gave me this book!
  2. Only the Longest Threads by Tasneem Zehra Husain
    This books contains re-imagining of pivotal moments in physics. The math side of me is intrigued! When I went to buy it, the guy selling it said "you know this is about physics, right?" I was not happy about that.
  3. Rayla 2212 by Ytasha Womack
    She moderated an incredible panel discussion on the legacy of Octavia Butler.
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  1. Eat all of the mozzarella
  2. Cut myself with the pizza roll-y cutter
  3. Eat all of the pizza I bled on because I cut myself in the above point
    They can't sell it and I can cut away the parts I bled on
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  1. From Instagram - Jaime Camil, who I know as Rogelio from Jane the Virgin, is going to be on Broadway soon and I HAVE TO GO. I texted this picture to multiple friends, who are as enthusiastic as I am.
  2. I try not to use too much data, so I will take screenshots of directions instead of using GPS. These directions are from when I spent 4 hours at the dealership waiting for work to be done (I had a book, luckily) and decided to get Taco Bell for lunch.
  3. Tweets from Nicole Cliffe (co-founder of The Toast) regarding the news coming out that the site is closing in July. Hamilton 5ever.
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  1. Hamilton
  2. Bright Star
    Catchy Bluegrass that tears your heart out
  3. Waitress
    Sara Bareilles' concept album (Jason Mraz is also featured)
  4. Assassins
    Oldie but a goodie about the assisnations (as well as attempted assassinations) of American Presidents