Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. From Instagram - Jaime Camil, who I know as Rogelio from Jane the Virgin, is going to be on Broadway soon and I HAVE TO GO. I texted this picture to multiple friends, who are as enthusiastic as I am.
  2. I try not to use too much data, so I will take screenshots of directions instead of using GPS. These directions are from when I spent 4 hours at the dealership waiting for work to be done (I had a book, luckily) and decided to get Taco Bell for lunch.
  3. Tweets from Nicole Cliffe (co-founder of The Toast) regarding the news coming out that the site is closing in July. Hamilton 5ever.
  4. Mets on Snapchat. Made me happy.
  5. From this incredible romance series (Off the Grid by Alyssa Cole). I love a good One Direction reference.