1. Buy yourself an ice cream cone
    You're cute and you deserve it
  2. Take yourself out to the movies
    So few people just go to the movies alone anymore, just donit
  3. Treat yourself to your favorite spot for lunch
    Splurge and get a lemonade too, your treat
  4. Put on the saddest movie possible, curl up with some tissues, and cry it out in a pile of blankies
    You'll probably cry yourself to sleep but you'll feel fresh as a daisy in the morning
  5. Take a trip to the animal shelter to see the kitties and doggies
    And maybe you'll even go home with a new best friend
  6. Plan a day date to the zoo or aquarium
    The experience changes drastically when it's just you
  7. Watch your favorite movie
    Hell, watch ten of your favorite movies in a row if you're having one of those days
  8. Cook a beautiful dinner for yourself
    Show yourself how appreciative you are of all you do
  9. Leave yourself post it notes around the house
    "You're beautiful", "Your intelligence is marvelous" and "shake that money-maker" are just a few ideas
  10. Splurge on a new outfit
    Look good, feel good
  11. Be thoughtful
    Treat yourself just as you would treat the love of your life. In the end, you should be your best friend