1. I put ice in my dog's water
    I've been doing it so long, she actually won't drink the water until she sees ice in the bowl.
  2. John and I are parentheses in our own bed
    Isaboo sleeps in the middle and not only that, she wakes us up frequently to go over and under the covers.
  3. I cook for Isaboo and she eats before we do
  4. I have to explain to her where I'm going before I leave the house
    Even though she's a heavy sleeper and doesn't like to get up until mid to late morning, I have to sit and explain to her softly in her ear while she's slumbers that Mommy is going to the gym and she'll be back in about 55 minutes. When I come in I say "don't be scared, it's me, it's me!" And she's still sleeping in the same spot as when I left.
  5. I get punished by my dog
    When I go away for too long, she punishes me by sleeping in the dog bed that's only been used about 4 times in 10 years. It gets so pitiful that 46 year old me is on my hands and knees a begging her to come back to bed.
  6. I stand in the rain/snow for my dog
    Even though she has a doggie door, to make her feel better about having to use the bathroom outside, I'll go stand in the rain or a blinding snow storm in my pajamas just so she isn't alone
  7. I think this is enough embarrassment for one day. I'll add more to this list, but right now I feel like I have to go brush my teeth and take a shower. I'm so ashamed.