1. My trick-or-treat bucket
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    I leave it out all year
  2. Isaboo's first Christmas picture
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    On a fridge magnet
  3. Oven safe ramekin and basket
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    So you can pick your bubbly hot mac and cheese without burning your fingers
  4. Individual salt bowl + scoops
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    Because everyone should be the boss of how salty they're going to be at supper.
  5. My coffee mug
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    Which expresses my feeling about getting out of bed in the morning
  6. A $7 kitchen tile I bought in Sicily
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    Which became the inspiration for my entire kitchen/color scheme
  7. A cartoon of my dog visiting my favorite Gelateria in Rome
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  8. My culinary team at work gave me this giant wreath of laurel
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    I will never run out of bay
  9. A gift from my friend Danny Clinch
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    A photo of Dave Grohl eating ribs (and some cool canisters in a language I do not recognize)
  10. Cookbooks
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  11. Moscow Mule cups
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  12. Giant gravy bowl
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  13. Tiny salt safe/sugar holder
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    I don't know, it's just ridiculously cute. I've never used it.
  14. Drunk espresso cup
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  15. Sober espresso cup
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  16. This guy
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    Yep, I love mustard.
  17. Old school billboard
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    So this dude made this in the late 1700s. He went to the effort of making this hip diorama so people could see what he sold in his ship when he wasn't there.