1. An overcooked hot dog in a fresh roll
  2. Domesticated family members trying to itch or wipe their business without the use of opposable thumbs
    Funny, gross, and actually pretty sad.
  3. When you go to blow out your birthday candles and you catch the ends of your hair on fire
    Burnt hair smells so gross.
  4. Laughing hard enough to make liquids come out of your nose
    Especially funny if the liquids are hot. Painful? But still funny.
  5. Toilet paper hanging out the back of your pants after you leave the ladies room
    More gross than funny, but still funny.
  6. Snot spots on car windows
    For dog owners (hopefully), who leave the window open for their dogs, because they love the feeling of the wind on their long or short hair. Less funny, more sweet and gross.