Holiday Decorations Around My NYC Apartment

I consider myself a Christmas elf...
  1. These cute wine bottle toppers as hats and scarves on pheasant sculptures
  2. Think outside the tree!
    Bowl sitting on a wreath filled to the rim with ornaments and crackers.
  3. Some elves reading up on Italian cooking
  4. Candelabra topped with small glass ball ornaments and a pine cone
  5. Santa and deer with votive lights on the table, tree village and 32 inch tree with vintage ornaments in the background
  6. These guys on my living room window sill
  7. Why should trees have all the fun?!
  8. Decor on my window casings...
  9. And some more...
  10. And one more...
  11. And just like that, it's already New Year's Eve in my bar area!
  12. Happy Holidays!!