"My Last Meal" List

I am asked this question a lot. Here's the deal:
  1. If it's my last meal and I am aware it is, i.e. death row, I am way too depressed to eat. I have lost my appetite for life and food and I am Sicilian so I am making a pretty dramatic scene of emotional breakdown. My eyes are too swollen to see food even if I was hungry.
  2. If I died and it turned out like Defending Your Life (my fav comedy of last 40 years) and I could eat whatever I want and relive moments of my past life, I would visit with my Grandpa Emmanuel and my first dog, Boo. Boo was a red nose pitbull that loved butternut squash. Grandpa loved garlic and anchovies.
    My first meal on the other side would be aglio e olio.
  3. I hope when I eat my actual last meal I savor every bite, that I am grateful for the food itself and that I am not at all aware that it is in fact my last meal. Bummer. If there is a heaven, I hope they have really good appliances and gas burners.