Ways I am reminded.
  1. The time a person of celebrity died and a college aged employee didn't recognize their name; Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  2. Going to the gym 6 days a week and seeing little to no effect because my metabolism left town awhile ago.
  3. Anytime a song comes on the radio and I say "man, I love this" and any young employee I work with says "who is this, are they new?!".
  4. Having to move my arms more than my eyes in order to read.
  5. When i make references to my first crushes, Tom Jones, Anthony Quinn, or Sean Connery. Who's that?! Who's that?! And who's that?!
  6. Only looking in the mirror if I'm throwing my head way back.
  7. Adjusting lighting from dim to dark, especially when entertaining good looking guests.
  8. Day dreams, like jumping out of airplanes (which I've managed to do a few times), have turned to day drinks and longing for my next nap.