1. Stock in a box
    This is my #1 Thanksgiving tip. If your turkey is undercooked, carve it and pass it through a bubbling bath of stock and it's perfectly done and tender. If your turkey is overlooked, carve it and pass it through some warm stock and it's juicy again. If your veggies are overcooked, purée with stock and you've got soup! You can also use it to make gallons of fool proof gravy, see my recipe here- http://www.rachaelrayshow.com/recipes/21558_no_fail_gravy/
  2. A functional meat thermometer
    Check your thermometer today by putting it into boiling water. If it doesn't read 212 Fahrenheit, toss it and grab a new one.
  3. An oven thermometer
    Make sure your oven temperature matches what your dial says with an oven thermometer. If it runs hotter or cooler, adjust your cooking times.
  4. To go containers
    Stock up on plastic bags and food storage containers that you don't mind never seeing again.
  5. Aluminum foil
    Keeps everything warm so there is no oven traffic jam once your guests arrive.