This week at work, 3 of my coworkers in the kitchen were sick, like they were turning green before our eyes level of sick. My friend, fellow list app-er, and healthy coworker, @jeanette, texted me (in list form) what she did to stay healthy. She had me laughing so hard I had to share the antics.
  1. Hand sanitizer every 30-35 seconds
    Thank you @emilyrieger for keeping the team "juiced up" all week.
  2. Emergen-c
    In super orange flavor. 4 ish times a day. She wonders if they work or are just packets filled with sugar that make her pee turn orange.
  3. Oregano oil
    A few drops right down her throat. She says it tastes like death. But swears it works.
  4. Bleach showers and vitamin packed green juice suppers
    I hope she's kidding about the showers.