1. For the hungry Italian man (aka my hubby @johnmcusimano, lover of salt + fat + pork)
    Every year, he gets a dozen salami. Best source- Fra' Mani Salumi, they have 10 varieties, but you can mix and match Italian market grocery store finds (I.e. Pepperoni, soppressata, abruzzese). Wrap in butcher paper and wrap in a red bow.
  2. For the cook
    A bouquet of bouquet garni- bundle of bouquets of herbs with wooden kitchen tools, and mix in wild flowers, tie with multiple layers of kitchen twine.
  3. For the music lover
    Vintage Rock and roll tee bouquet- roll up each of a dozen rock and roll/vintage tees into long "stems", tie with a big red bow wrapped around a harmonica.
  4. For the doggie love of your life (or the last dog of a man that you dated and dumped)
    A dozen big meaty bones, wrapped in butcher paper and tied with a bow made of tube sox.